The light from the ceiling of her cell streamed onto her face.

MultiFacet always treated its prisoners well.

She was thankful that it wasn’t a dark dingy cell.

Because she was the prisoner.

"I did not evaporate my father!" It was a sputtering defense, all she could muster.

"Then who did Shabina?" She glared at her accuser who clearly was enjoying her misery.

"Lavindra this entire thing is a setup, for all I know you were the one to do it."

Her cousin looked incredulous. "That's dry even for you Shabby."

She hated that nickname. Especially because it came from another time in her life.

"Do not call me that Lav."

Despite the desperation of the situation, there was a deep satisfaction of seeing her rival rattled by the memories of childhood.

Lavindra's face expanded in embarrassment as the water rushed to it. Her beautiful cheeks looking like she was hoarding all of Dunya's wat‍‍‍er. But before her cousin could respond through her fat face, the doorwaza of her cell unravelled and in walked…

...her father.

Relief flooded through her, this was all a horrible mistake.


But the words didn’t come from her mouth.

“Potential Lavindra you will address me as the Oppose.” Lavindra her bluster all gone meekly nodded her head.

“Now then. Please leave I have to speak with my niece.”


MultiFacet- 1st Refraction           (Aug 22, 2017)

Created and Written by: Nadir Shirazi

C0-Created and Illustrated b‍‍‍y: Paul Wollenzien, Nancy Nor, Fraeya Pinto
                                         (Rune Entertainment Inc.)

Copyright 2017 Multifacet Diversity Solutions Ltd.

“But d‍‍‍ad… I mean Oppose I wasn’t done..."


Beyond rattled Lavindra walked towards the doorwaza which had reravelled shut after her fathers entrance. Muttering to herself Lavindra unravelled it effortlessly and the green resin parted as she stepped through in stride and disappeared.

She quickly stood up and as she did the seven coloured tubes in her watery points ripped out.

“LUCK!” she cursed in pain. She had been so saturated after her splash, that the seven coloured Jhel containers her water was being fed to were nearly bursting! In fact she now felt dehydrated, her saturation like her was failing miserably to 'Stay The Middle'.

“What do you want Pedram?” She tensed.

Her uncle, the twin copy of her father surmised her with a look of sadness & disappointment. Even drawn up to her full height he towered above her. As imposing as the Seleto, but not the Seleto.

“I would ask you the same thing, Shabina. Why did you kill my brother?”

She breathed into her nose and out of her mouth pulling the feelings and thoughts into a synchronicity inside her. She didn’t have her prism but this cell was made of enough green resin she could use it to escape, Pedram was older now she could take him.  Just like she knew if she got the chance she could defeat her father.

Except she would never get the chance now to succeed Pieroz Rhung while he was alive.

“You are every bit Pieroz’s daughter.”

“Proud of it to Unkmoo.” She wanted to rattle him by using his familial name.

But Pedram surprised her as he stepped aside.

“You are free to go.”

Balancing on her toes she was ready for a fight, but was so surprised by the words, she skidded on the water of the floor and crashed into the massive frame of her uncle. Of course he was so large that he merely held her up. She wanted to recoil, because she didn’t trust this man at all. But instead she found herself sobbing into his right forearm. The man who had done everything to displace her family.

It only lasted seconds.

Pedram never said a word. Once she was done she detached from him gingerly and rubbed her eyes, she saw him do the same.

“Shabina, it is no secret I have wanted to replace my brother for a long time as the Seleto. No secret still that I plan on my daughter realizing her Potential so she would replace me as the next Seleto."

Defiance flared in her, “and no secret that your InterFacet could never beat our MultiFacet in the Selection Process, and you nor Lavindra ever will.”

For a brief moment anger and frustration clouded Pedram’s eyes, but like she did a moment before he Middled and spoke again.

“But right now the InterFacet and MultiFacet have called a truce. Because we have much bigger problems with Pez's passing.”

A truce! It had only happened once before in the history of Multi-Inter relations…Pedram must have seen the understanding in her eyes.

“Yes the Royligio and Vibulare have walked away from the water negotiations.”

Her breathing became rapid and the water thumped in her heart and swirled in her head.“What happened to Arsin and Billen if I was suspected surely they must be too?”

Pedram shook his head angrily. “Of course, but the Roy and the Vib quickly evacuated them back to their home fragments, and they have immunity.”

She gave her uncle a quizzical look, “Then why I am... err am I no longer suspected.”

It made no sense.

Pedram, “Because he confessed.”

“Who confesse- oh no.”

It made perfect sense!

Pedram, “ Yes your former is saying he created the Full Spectrum, that neither his brothers nor you killed your father .”

“Rydin!” it was a curse, a shock, an anger, and a deep resentment all mixed in with a deep void.

“Where is he?” Were the next words out of her mouth.

Pedram put his giant arm out. “Shabina I say this out of courtesy for the residues the two of you share. But the Halak is calling for his full dehydration, for the forbidden use of white lining, and for killing your father. He is still in the Chamber surrounded by Waleez, Thabaz, and Separators. As much as I need in this moment to put the blame on someone, it makes no sense as to why it would be you, and certainly not why it would be him. From all accounts off your… relationship with him he could never line at all.  Also there was no sign of a white prism, did you happen to see one or did he ever show you one when you were at MultiFacet Centre all those lyears ago?"

“He has never been able to line, anyone who looked at the public records of that failed project would know that, and a child knows white resin prisms are banned all over Dunya. As is White Lining.” She said curtly.

Something about the way Pedram spoke. It instantly made her suspicious all over again. Like he had been waiting to ask this question all along.

“You said I was free to go, and the last I checked I am still a Potential, and unless my training is incorrect that now makes my mother the temporary Seleto till the next Selection.”

“By the way, how come she hasn’t come to see me?!”

“Because as usual my brother in law never tells the whole truth. He failed to mention that the InterFacet brought you here in the chaos of the explosion. Without informing anyone.”

Pedram’s head whipped around in surprise. He had been so busy trying to get an answer he nor Shabina noticed the doorwaza opening.

Pedram’s words came quickly “Azaleen I was going to find you as soon as I could but Shabina was so saturated and in shock from killing her father that-”

“Pedram Wraze Oppose of the InterFacet, you are to have no further interaction with Potential Shabina Rhung of the MultiFacet. If you would like to discuss any joint matters in regard to my husbands death, please send the request to Master Hanslought and my office, you know the new Seleto’s Office. The Halak will be convening a joint session with both InterFacet and MultiFacet shortly in regards to the crisis we are in, and how they will govern the next Selection. I am sure your Seleto ambitions can wait that long as your brothers body still hasn’t evaporated fully away and the Vibulare Facet and Royligio Facet both see an opportunity to take the Well from us and destroy the other in the process.”

Pedram, “That’s the most dehydrated thing you could ever say Azaleen. That I only care about my own goals. He was my brother after all.”

Azaleen who was nearly as tall as her uncle (her parents height was the only trait she hadn’t gotten) looked him squarely in the face.

“A pity you never told him as much when he was still fluid. And if you mention my daughters name in connection with her fathers’ death, even wet your tongue with it again you will not have to worry about Living In Contradiction, because you will be dying in it.

A pause. "I assure you.”

Pedram’s nostril flared and he turned on his heels, and like the daughter he sent out stormed away.

Azaleen turned to watch him go. When the doorwaza had reravelled yet again. Her mothers shoulder slumped, and began to shake and heave, and this time it was her turn to be someone’s comfort. She circled her mothers waist, and held her tightly as tear after tear dripped onto her own arms.

Barely able to speak her mother said in staggered jarring breaths,

“your father and I took Mimeen and Zian in...

Gave them a home, a place for their children, gave them everything.

And they repay us by killing him!

Billen Razi is being celebrated by the Ultrere and Arsin Razi the Fanata for what transpired in the ceremony today. I know when your father pulled you

out of the water, there was white residue on you that dissolved him, but I will evaporate ANYONE WHO SAYS YOU HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!”

Her mother every bit as fierce as her broke Shabina’s waist lock, and spun around.

“Shabina Rhung, you are going to succeed your father. He spent his entire life training you for it, as did I. You are every bit the Middle and you are not the Potential of Dunya. You are it’s now.”

Her mothers words about the future inspired her. Her desire to put the past to bed did even more.

“Ammi, sorry. I meant Seleto. Please let me borrow your prism. There is someone I need to go see about a confession.”

Azaleen saw the look “Bina, you don’t believe that sweet boy’s confession is for real. He was just trying to protect his family…”

Her mother hesitated.

“… and you.”

“Rydin Razi is the one who is about to need the protection.”

She grabbed her mothers green prism from her wrist, and in one fluid motion tossed it behind her while doing a standing somersault that carried her clear overhead.

The room refracted into a light green palette: before it could hit the ground she caught the prism between her feet and crushed it.

Simultaneously the tiny particles of green resin exploded and merged with the green light which was winking out of existence.

It made no sound.

Neither did her landing.

Swirling all around her was the green non solid mass that had always been her only true friend.

It understood her solitude.

It looked like green water in the air.

It wasn’t green water.

It was Green Lite.

She once again pulled her feelings and thoughts together perfectly, but this time she let them out and they connected with the Lite.

She turned around to face her mother and before she could protest back flipped.She didn’t need to see to know that lines of Lite neither crooked nor straight were speeding away from her into that stupid doorwaza. She heard the crash a moment before she nailed her hand stand landing on the outside of the cell. Her mother's shock could be seen even from her inverted vantage.

“Seleto, I think this ravelleing mechanism won’t work anymore, please put in an order to get it fixed. Please deduct the cost from my Potentials Project Pot.”

Before her mother could answer, she tumbled into a run, and sprinted down the hall towards the World Water Council Chamber her green Lite in flow.

…Because of him her father was gone…

...Because of him she had failed today…

...Because of him she had almost wasted her life’s potential…

Because of him she would be forced to realize it to…

He had never been able to do any lining whatsoever when they were together. She had tried and tried and nothing. Then all of a sudden he could do the one kind that could destroy all others! The kind he stubbornly refused to acknowledge had no value except to cause chaos.

She had never taken him seriously, because he always lied, manipulated, and had taken advantage of her in pursuit of his stupid goal. For once she was going to make him tell the truth. Even if it was the last thing he ever did. She owed her father that much. She owed her Facet that much.

She owed her dependents that much.

His dependents.

The final note he had left her before he stopped speaking to her seemed to have been permanently diffused into her being.


Half my family 'Reasons To None'.

The other half 'Believes In The One'.

You say Dunya depends on your ability to

'Stay The Middle'.

But Can You?"


You keep trying to Save Dunya.


I will keep trying to Destroy it.

His vision was impossible, even his family had abandoned him for it...

...and she had too.

She shook her head and thumped her heart as she ran faster.